Know That You Can

Motivation to conquer!

About me

I was fortunate enough to have the audacity to dream at a very young age. When I was 15, I stumbled upon the ambition to become a writer.

That year, I would write my first novel and send it off to publishers only to realize that no one wanted to publish a 15 year-old lunatic who wasn’t even a native English-speaker.

Nonetheless, I continued writing, and a couple of years down the road, I found myself in the freelance market; one that was lined with the domination of a select few “adults” who looked down at me as if I were a shrimp lying on their plate.

People tell you that it’s great to have an ambition; but what they don’t tell you is that you would constantly be pulled down, demotivated, and discouraged to follow it. I was subjected to all of this and much more, and this is what fuels me to help people so they don’t have to undergo the same.

It took me a year of constant practice; a year in which I wrote more than 100,000 words until I finally started seeing results in freelancing. I had started to become a freelance success!

19 years old, and I have already ghostwritten two books on Social anxiety, depression, and intelligence. I currently head two writing teams and all of my writers are my seniors in age. (Yes, it does get weird at times.)

But this isn’t enough for me. Although I could continue freelancing and make some good money in the process. But I wish to build my own brand and help people through that. I wish to get my name out there, and eventually publish my own book. This is my effort for the same and each one of you who reads even a single blog post of mine becomes a part of the process and the eventual success.

Will it be easy? No. Will it be fun? Hell, yeah! So, join me on my journey to help people attain a happier and socially thriving life. Every one of you who reads my blog is a pioneer for the cause that I support and is the motivation that helps me continue writing and to help people.